About Us

The UK’s Civil Air Support (CAS) is the largest charitable air support organisation in Europe. Our membership is growing and currently represents an extensive fleet of privately-owned aircraft that includes fixed-wing aeroplanes, (single and twin-engine), helicopters, and gyrocopters.

Our crews include appropriately qualified and experienced pilots, many coming from military, police, and commercial aviation backgrounds, as well as trained observers. We also have a dedicated team of operational support staff, administrators, and fundraisers.

CAS’s primary mission is to provide humanitarian air support to agencies, organisations or individuals who have an urgent need and would not otherwise have access to it. We can offer a broad range of support services nationwide because our members are all volunteers who donate their time and aircraft free of charge. We do not charge for our services. We never compete with established airborne resources and only operate when the alternative is no air support at all.

Press releases

When you absolutely need a fast motorbike and a much faster aircraft,...

In circumstances where locally available antibiotics fail to provide relief for sufferers of a persistent infection, the next step is to offer a... read more

23.05.2024 • By Civil Air Support

Sealed and Delivered!

Freak weather events can cause humans and wildlife to find themselves in precarious and often life-threatening positions with almost no warning.... read more

05.11.2023 • By Civil Air Support

Conservationists praise Civil Air Support crew after first white-tailed...

Raptor enthusiasts are ecstatic that a small breeding colony of Britain’s biggest bird of prey has become established in England again, having... read more

08.08.2023 • By Civil Air Support

Civil Air Support Flight In Vain As Mass Stranding of Pilot Whales...

Civil Air Support were alerted to the mass stranding of a pod of 55 pilot whales near Stornoway on Sunday morning. British Divers Marine Life... read more

17.07.2023 • By Civil Air Support

Civil Air Support Photographic Missions Reveal Extent of Flooding

As the Environment Agency together with Somerset County Council declares a ‘major incident’ on the vulnerable Somerset Levels, Local Resilience... read more

20.01.2023 • By Civil Air Support

Civil Air Support Photographic Mission Surveys Beach Cleaning Target...

Five trillion pieces of plastic debris have found their way into seas and onto beaches around the world, threatening the health of users and... read more

11.09.2022 • By Civil Air Support

Civil Air Support Aerial Surveys Reveal Catastrophic Forestry Damage

With an estimated clean-up bill now over £500m after some of the highest wind gusts ever recorded, Britain is still counting the cost of Storm... read more

21.05.2022 • By Civil Air Support

Civil Air Support Offer Woodland Damage Surveys as Dudley and Eunice...

Giving these two deep low-pressure systems friendly names has done little to disguise their destructive power. With wind gusts reaching 90 miles... read more

17.02.2022 • By Civil Air Support

Pilot and Bikers Race Against Clock in Life Saving Dash to the North

Civil Air Support (CAS) and SERV Wessex (a member organisation of the National Association of Blood Bikes) have united once again to deliver... read more

23.11.2021 • By Civil Air Support

Wheels and Wings when Minutes Matter!

Last Tuesday, Civil Air Support (CAS) and the National Association of Blood Bikes (NABB) united with the Northern Ireland Community Rescue Service... read more

23.11.2021 • By Civil Air Support

Civil Air Support Pilot is the fastest Milkman from the West!

Healthcare professionals have always promoted breast milk as the optimal source of infant nutrition and immune protection, but when mother and... read more

22.11.2021 • By Civil Air Support

Seal of Approval for Civil Air Support

Civil Air Support (CAS) does not typically provide private charter flights for VIPs returning to their homes, but when the passenger is a rare... read more

22.11.2021 • By Civil Air Support